Gabriel Dominguez

MQU | Marine Ecologist

Dr Gabriel Dominguez is a Marine Ecologist with a PhD in marine conservation palaeobiology. His research interests focus on marine conservation using different approaches to understand and evaluate the impact of future climate change on marine communities.

Currently he is part of a team developing a framework for estimating the potential impact of environmental stressors related to climate change in NSW estuaries. Gabriel is interested in using palaeobiological tools to reconstruct past environmental changes to understand how estuarine communities had responded to historical climate changes, especially during the Holocene.

Historical environmental information is recorded and archived in estuarine dead assemblages, the ecological and chemical composition of these assemblages can be important proxies for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. Understanding how estuaries had adapted and responded to historical climate changes is paramount to create realistic baselines for creating accurate environmental models of future ecological climate change impact.